Liberty Lake Market Stats May 17, 2021

Liberty Lake May 2021 Market Stats

Liberty Lake, WA has seen a crazy housing market this last year; homes are selling faster than we can make them live. Liberty Lake continues to be a hot spot in our Spokane County market. Our average sales price for the month of April was $578,632 and our average days on market was 4 days, which is well above the national average. Our inventory is pretty limited sitting at 10 days of inventory, meaning if we didn’t put any more homes on the market we would sell out in just over a week! Limited inventory and high demand from buyers are keeping us on the map.



This market has been record breaking just about every month over the last year and this month isn’t very different. NAR (National Association of Realtors) is usually a month behind since they have national calculations to make but as you can see, in just the month of March alone homes sales climbed to $6.1 million! The national inventory of homes is quite low which is helping homes sell for higher price ranges which have brought up our National Media Sales price to $329,100.


If your thinking of selling, now could be the perfect time!