New Developements June 7, 2021

New Developments in Liberty Lake, WA

Blog header Liberty Lake Developments

2020 and 2021 have proven to be very interesting years for Real Estate. To put it plainly, it’s been pretty unpredictable… but that hasn’t stopped builders and contractors from continuing construction, including here in Liberty Lake. Some new developments that have popped up in our backyard are Ridgeline Highschool, the traffic signals and smart control in front of the school on Country Vista Drive, the Liberty Lake Road Preservation Project, and some homes in Rocky Hill.

Ridgeline Highschool is set to open this Fall, with construction on the building steadily moving along. Assuming on what we’ve seen while driving by, it looks like they have to pave the driveway and the parking lot to finish the exterior. They’ve installed the light signals though they’re not functioning yet, I’m sure the pedestrians who frequent Appleway on their runs and walks will love them!

The Liberty Lake Road Preservation Project is pretty self explanitor, our city council members put together a project to help ensure that our roads stay prestine!

Rocky Hill is developing a little hub over here in Liberty Lake, that we were elated to hear about! The same contractors who built Kendall Yards, Greenstone, are hoping to bring a walkable social center to us (think Liberty Lake’s version of Kendall Yards)

We’re excited to see all of the new construction happening all around us!