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Interior Design Trends of 2022-A Forecast of This Year’s Top Trends

As we move forward into 2022, let’s explore the up-and-coming ideas and maybe take some time to ponder their long-term influence on the interior design world!

Interior Design Trends for 2022 – Characteristics & Materials on the Rise




There is an undeniable warmth the look of plaster brings into a home. Many people building new homes don’t want it to look and feel like a new home, they want a home that is fresh yet full of character, and plaster is a wonderful way to bring in that interest. Plaster is having a big resurgence in interior design, largely because people are coming to embrace imperfection and appreciate materials that have been around for hundreds of years. Unlike the clean look of smooth, skim-coated drywall, plaster walls are full of irregularities, texture, and therefore character, due to the way it’s hand-applied by artisans, who use a trowel to apply thin layer of plaster in varying directions. This material has been favored from the 1700s all the way up through the 1940s when drywall became popularized, but with so many now wanting to bring an organic nature back into their home, they’re turning to plaster as a way to achieve that. There are plenty of ways to bring this look into your home without ripping out your drywall. If you are building, you can introduce this look by using it as a finish for your walls, fireplace, hood in the kitchen, etc.

Natural or Reclaimed Materials and Elements

First, they bring the outdoors into your space. Nothing is more beautiful than items found in nature — from bamboo to rattan to marble to seagrass to jute — it’s truly spectacular to see the variance in veining, colors, and characteristics of materials that come from the earth. There’s also the environmental factor in that these natural materials are sustainable and do less damage to our environment.

Reclaimed beams work wonderfully on ceilings and as mantles, or within a kitchen hood, even as a door header. The same can be said about salvaged doors – adding in a specialty door to an area within a home just calls for something more unique. Second, we are seeing inspiration from historical references and wanting to go “back to their roots,” by incorporating organic materials in their purest forms, or natural elements that have been used for hundreds of years, into home designs.Folks are opting for beautifully stained walnut or a rift sawn white oak over painted cabinetry, as well as reclaimed pieces, to give the home that sense of history and character. Those types of pieces tell a story and add so much architectural interest and beauty to a space.

Marble is a favorite natural material to use, and there are so many ways it can be incorporated into a design, from large and luxurious to small yet stunning. Whether as part of your build as countertops or a backsplash, or a side table or dining table or a lamp, tray, or sculpture for your shelf or coffee table arrangement. If you’re not looking to venture into too bold a project, you can incorporate some of the elements into your space in simple ways, like by adding accents or smaller pieces that feature natural or reclaimed materials.



Boucie has been a favorite in past years and continues to be strong into 2022. This material is essentially upholstery with texture that’s touchably soft (and easily disguises blemishes from life’s little spills) and durability that’s made to last, making it not only cozy but kid-friendly, too. Bouclé pieces tend to do best in high-traffic rooms and transition beautifully from spring through winter, thanks to the light, airy colors and warm, comfy fabric. And, of course, options are still endless for ways to bring this look into your home — from subtle, short ringlets to sherpa-like loops, all in a wide variety of colors, materials, and blends.


Most people might think of the 80s when they think of curves in interior design, and it’s fair to say that these pieces are a nod to that, but with a much more fresh and current feel. They add just a bit of softness to a space, especially one full of hard lines (like paneling, for example). The 2022 trend, however, is not just about the pieces you add to your space — curves are coming back into architecture, too, appearing as arched doorways, windows, and kitchen ranges and hoods. Whether the focal point of a space or a tasteful accent, curves infuse a modern sense of movement and drama into every space and make an artistic statement without saying a word. If you’re not building but would like to bring this look into your home, opting for “curved” furniture, lighting, and décor is a great way to do that.



Sometimes referred to as “granny chic”, this style is all about surrounding yourself with things you love from grandma’s house in a polished, modern way. Grandmillennialism is inspired by the 20 and 30-year-olds who are wanting to be a little more like their grandparents by featuring classic, timeless pieces that they hold onto forever. Therefore, it makes sense that there’s some overlap with Traditionalism, given this style was popular when the millennials’ grandparents were styling their homes. You might compare this movement to Generation X latching onto the Mid-Century Modern styles of their grandparents — millennials are finding comfort in the more traditional, classic look of their grandparents’ homes and incorporating this look into their own homes with style and grace (and color!) Key components of this style include brown wood furniture, ruffles and pleats, chintzes and toiles and plaids, fancy chandeliers, Chinoiserie and/or fine China, vintage brass, botanicals, large and/or elaborate prints… The list goes on — so many wonderful ways to bring this look into your home!